For Rent Pasadena From Orange County 2 Bedroom, New Design


rent orange county pasadena 2 bedroom
which is an apartment and interior rental service located on Jl. Dago Indah No.7, Komplex Taman Dago, Lippo Cikarang, Bekasi.
here we receive a catalog of products for rental orange County Tower Pasadena Apartment Type 2 Bedroom.2 Bedroom Apartment Unit with the latest Japanese Interior Model concept specifically designed for apartment tenants in the Orange County Tower Pasadena area,
2 bedroom type apartment unit with Korean and Japanese interior appearance.

for rent 2 bedroom Orange County Pasadena

Orange County Apartment Type 2 Bedroom Tower Pasadena, with a unit area (98 m2) which already has a Complete Interior with luxurious and modern interior design models, the latest interior concept type 2 Bedroom is rented annually. to meet the needs of apartment tenants in Orange County Lippo Cikarang. here we present the 2 Bedroom Apartment Unit Pasadena tower with swiming poll apartment facilities, 24-hour scuriti, a very large parking area and a jogging area that provides flexibility when living in an Orange County apartment unit.

2 bedroom orange county pasadena rent per year

For rent, the Orange County Tower Pasadena apartment with a full furnished interior to provide services for apartment unit tenants to make it more comfortable when living in an apartment.
2 bedroom apartment unit complete with furniture according to the needs of tenants, especially workers who live in the Orange County Lippo Cikarang area.

orange county 2 bedroom tower pasadena

Orange County Apartments are rented annually and every 6 months, 2 bedroom unit Pasadena Tower which consists of a kitchen room, main bedroom, children's room, living room, bathroom,
and unit facilities that are American standard. Orange County 2 Bedroom Apartment unit rented annually at an affordable price.

sewa apartemen orange county

SG Property Cikarang apart from providing units for rent, it also provides apartment interior design providers.
orange county apartment rental services include units with the following types:
orange county type studio
orange county type 1 bedroom
orange county type 2 bedroom and orange county type 3 bedroom.
for unit rental prices and information can visit our office or contact us:

Jl. Dago Indah No. 7, Komplex Taman Dago, Lippo Cikarang, Bekasi 17550.
Telpon: +62812-8149-6128

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